Moments as special as your first day of forever together with the love of your life are extremely special. This day will never come twice, even if you decide to renew your vows every single year. The first look, the feeling of giddy nervousness mixed with an excitement to marry your soul mate and the happiness of finally making it official are memories that incite fond smiles years after the big event. Such delicate moments need to be captured into eternity, so that the love you share is truly immortalized for the future generations to witness. Nostalgia of your special day becomes even more special, when all of these memories have been recorded with great expertise. Island Video Production is your go to color video production service in Victoria, BC. No matter how fleeting your special moments are, we will catch them and turn them into something beautiful that will stand the test of time. Your wedding may be your dream, but it is our dream to make every couple fall deeper in love every time they look at what we create for them. Be it your rehearsal dinner, first dance practice or the little moments with your family and friends in between, we take great pleasure into capturing each of them to make beautiful wedding films for our clients.

Apart from our stellar wedding video production in Victoria, BC, we also help you catch the best moments of your life and those of your loved ones. A dance recital of your child worked so hard for or the graduating of your beloved kids are days that need to be filmed so they can be revisited over and over again.

Of all other film production companies in Victoria, BC, Island Video Production is a class apart because of our shooting and editing experience of over 30 years. We are also excellent corporate videographers in Victoria, BC who film presentations and corporate productions for a wide client-base.

Apart from video production and editing, Island Video Production also excels in condensing and modifying older home videos by incorporating music and effects in them to turn them into a beautiful tribute everyone can appreciate. A video transfer in Victoria, BC never looked this easy; when you have us to turn old memories into high quality and the latest format so all generations can enjoy them with the latest technology.

Our team has an unmatchable flair in understanding our clients and what they expect, which is why a personal meeting is set up between both the parties. What’s better? We answer all your queries and take notes of everything to be covered in your event before from visiting the site once before the D-day. What you get as a finished video production in Victoria, BC is the result of tireless efforts to make every moment count. What does it take to have us work for you? It is fairly simple: All you have to do is call us and tell us what you need!

If you have an event to record, give us a call today at 250-475-1212