mini dv to usb or dvd

All these video cameras used USB 1.0. There is no way to copy over gigabytes of data at a fast rate. So what was it used for? Simply put – copying your photos that you take with the camera.One firewire connection will give a better signal and is capable of transmitting the video and audio at a higher data rate. So if using FireWire was the be all and end all, then why didn’t manufacturers supply the appropriate cables to get the best results? The Mini DV camera in the photos is a MV730i and even if you look at the online manual, you can clearly see no IEEE 1394 cable is supplied. Maybe they knew how fiddly it was to set up. That’s just my guess. There are no HDMI to FireWire connections but there are FireWire to Thunderbolt adapters. Looking at Apple’s website review of it though, people seem unsatisfied.